WARSAW, Koryta, Daszyna County, Łeczyca Powiat, Poland 7 September, 2019 — Animex has opened its new poultry processing facility in Poland. Named Animex K3, the facility is one of the most modern and innovative in Europe and features the most advanced facility design and latest technology available today. The facility was concepted and designed by the Animex team and incorporates technology that is being used in Poland’s poultry industry for the first time.

Animex K3 is 2.5 hectares in size and is expected to employ 1,000 people processing more than 400,000 chickens per day when at full capacity. The new facility creates new jobs and other opportunities for the entire region, including producers, farmers, suppliers, and Animex’s business partners.

With a more than 60-year history in Poland, Animex has invested heavily in its meat production and processing facilities over the past 20 years. These investments have reaped economic and other benefits for the entire agriculture and food production industries in Poland, as well as the local communities where Animex operates.

About Animex Foods
Animex Foods is the largest meat company in Poland with over 9,500 employees that specializes in the production of pork and poultry meat products. It has 11 meat plants located in: Szczecin, Iława, Morliny, Ełk, Suwałki, Starachowice, Opole, Kutno ( K1, K2, K3, K4) and a feather plant in Krakow.