We are one of the biggest food manufacturer in Poland and the leader of meat business. We specialise in production of pork, poultry and meat products. Our new poultry facility is just about to be completed in Koryta in Daszyna commune near Kutno.

We act to support local communities. We plan to renovate deep water well, Mazew and Koryta intakes. This would ensure even better quality of potable water for the local community.

On top of that, we plan to co-finance 5km of asphalt road with a sidewalk in Daszyna commune.
We have built 3000m2 paved parking lot in front of Bishop St. Martin Church in Siedlc.

The commune needs those investments and with our help people of Daszyn will have better living comfort.

Sustainability is one of our key values and we do our utmost to support and to be part of local communities at all of locations where operate.
Few months back we published employment offers for job positions in our new plant in Koryta. The hiring process is still ongoing. The plant would hire over 1000 people in Daszyna commune. So, our investment stands for new jobs in the region.