„World Heart Day in Ełk” is a regular health campaign held by Warmian-Masurian District Department of the National Health Fund in Olsztyn.

This event doesn’t go without Animex, governmental authorities and Ełk’s big business.

With this amazing idea promoting a healthy life style and medical checkups the „World Heart Day in Ełk” event took place on 18-30 September.

Naturally, Animex Foods Ełk Division was at the „World Heart Day”. Everyone could make a good use of promotional materials on healthy lifestyle. On top of that, these leaflets also encouraged to undergo medical checkups under the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program.

At the City Hall in Ełk, as part of the NFZ stand, you could get a European Health Insurance Card and set up an Internet Patient Account. That was a perfect opportunity to learn about health prevention programs implemented by the National Health Fund and about the rights of the patient and the functioning of the National Health Fund.

Animex, by participating in the „World Heart Day in Ełk”, supports a healthy lifestyle and, together with the National Health Fund, and with the local city authorities, educates and urges to perform, sometimes life-saving, medical checkups.