Animex Foods received three distinctions in the largest agri-food companies ranking held by the weekly „Wprost”. The winners were selected through the „Golden Hundred of Polish Agriculture” competition.

On December 4, 2019, at the ceremonial Gala of Wprost weekly the leaders of the Polish agri-food sector were designated.

The top-line elements considered were financial indicators and the company’s business profile. These allowed for a contemporary picture of the sector. This is the only ranking in the Polish media showing the best companies.

The condition for entering the top 30 was achieving sales of at least PLN 1 billion.

Just as last year, Animex Foods won the ranking.

Our three-time distinction with the Eagle of Polish Agriculture title of the weekly „Wprost” in the following categories: „Meat Quality Leader on the Polish Market”, „Largest Food Processor” and „Largest Exporter” was awarded jointly by Wprost and the National Center for Agricultural Support. Additionally, the third place of Agri-Plus in the category „Biggest Breeders and Slaughterhouses” is a serious highlight.

The Golden 100 of Polish Agriculture Gala was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the present head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, personally presented awards to the leaders.

A debate on the challenges Polish and European meat production and processing sector face was held during the ceremony and naturally our representative Łukasz Dominiak was part of it. The main topic of the discussion was the aspect of agri-food industry’s sustainable development and the issue of environment protection.

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