Business Profile

Safety and Innovation

Animex Foods has eleven meat processing plants across Poland and one feather plant in Krakow..

The eleven plants process hogs and poultry (chicken, turkey and geese) thus we offer high-quality fresh meat and processed products under the well-known brands  of Morliny, Krakus, Berlinki, Morlinki.

Hogs  delivered for slaughter originate from hundreds of Polish producers with whom we have a long-standing, mutually beneficial history of cooperation.

Our operating policies encompass all aspects of our operations, ensuring a safe, superior product produced from the highest quality sources.

As part of  Smithfield Foods , a world leader in pork production, our local plants have been provided with new knowledge, experience and information on the worldwide meat business. Thanks to our position as part of this global company we have been able to take advantage of innovations in business and technology, and make new investments in our plant’s equipment as we develop new brands and improve existing ones.