The Clean-Up Day is an event promoting environment protection. It makes children and teens aware of the environmental aspects. And for over 10 years now, Animex holds it in all processing facilities.

On April 26, it’s been the second time, Animex Kutno Sp. z o.o. Divisions K1 and K2 have organized the Clean-Up Day. They held the event in the park named after R. Traugutt. Our cleaning action is a part of the ”Cleaning the World” campaign.

This time, we have invited pupils and students from two Kutno schools i.e. primary school no 1 and special educational and correction center no 2. After the hard work we all enjoyed nice BBQ, naturally, with Animex sausages served from a Food Truck.

And as usual, we had an educational panel for the students. What’s more, the whole thing would not be complete without a contest. By the end, traditionally the participants received small gadgets with Animex logo.

Every year, the Clean Up Day is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the environment and to have fun.

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