October 14, 2015


Another award and recognition for Berlinki. 

This is yet another award Berlinki received, but this time its from Effie.

Berlinki received a silver Effie in food category for ”Berlinki speak for themselves” effective campaign.

Effie Awards is the pre-eminent award in the industry recognized worldwide. In 1968 the New York American Marketing Association organized the first Effie awards competition. Since 1999, the AMA has assigned rights over to Marketing Communication Association SKM SAR to run Effie Poland.

Effie assesses and awards campaign effectiveness by means of evaluation and a cross-comparison of the strategic challenge and taken up campaign goals along with the communication idea and their translation into advertisement actions versus the implemented creation and achieved end-results. The jury of experts assesses campaigns using 4 criteria:

Strategic challenge and taken up goals

  1. Communication idea
  2. Translation of the idea into the advertisement actions
  3. Communication results The communication strategy of Berlinki is to enforce the brand’s image as the category

he communication strategy of Berlinki is to enforce the brand’s image as the category leader and the innovative and high quality brand on one hand, and on the other, to validate the brand as amusing and bringing up positive emotions. In the TV spots, Berlinki speaking for themselves, in a series of funny stories, have presented significant quality-related aspects in a form involving every consumer. The campaign stressed the quality and popularity of Berlinki both among grown-up as and children.

Apart from the TV spots, Berlinki are also visible in sponsorship billboards, in ”Must Be The Music” show’s products placement and citylights.


Andrzej Pawelczak


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