On May 31st, 2017,Smithfield Foods Inc. after receiving Antimonopoly Office approval acquired two packaged meats companies of Pini Group including:  Pini Polska – meat processing and packaging plant, Hamburger Pini – case ready meat plant and Royal Chicken – investment project currently in development. Animex Foods, the biggest packaged goods and protein company in Poland; part of Smithfield Polska, will now run the acquired facilities.

This acquisition aligns with Smithfield Strategic Growth Plans and it also helps Animex Foods through increased production capacities. Modern equipment of acquired facilities, specialization and optimization of production will ensure the highest quality meat products offered to our customers.

This move will capitalize existing Animex opportunity to compete in the European market as a world class consumer packaged goods and protein company. It also helps Animex’s export operations through increased production capacities to balance the growing demand for our products among international consumers.   In  long-term it will help the Polish meat industry became more competitive across European and international markets.

Existing employees of Pini Polska and Pini Hamburger will be automatically transferred to Animex Foods structures.

Animex will try to keep the same terms of cooperation with the current Animex and Pini suppliers.


Contact for media:
Andrzej Pawelczak, Spokesperson, PR Director, Animex
E-mail: andrzej.pawelczak@animex.pl mobile: 696 483 071

About Smithfield Poland: Smithfield Poland  operates Polish food companies including Animex Foods,  Agri Plus  and Agri Plus Feed.  Smithfield Poland employs over 9000 employees and work directly with over 2300 Polish pig farmers. Smithfield Poland is owned by Smithfield Foods Inc. which is subsidiary of WH Group.

About Pini: The Pini Group consists of 7 companies  across Europe with facility in Italy, Hungary and Poland.  In Poland, there are 4 facilities: Pini Polonia  cutting plant, Hamburger Pini  and Pini Polska – each having meat processing facility and Royal Chicken – a  greenfield investment project being under construction