Polski Instytut Badań Jakości [The Polish Institute of Quality Research] (PIBJA) with Onet surveyed consumers’ opinions on Polish meat products. They asked Polish consumers about sausages available on our market. The research included the most common sausages.

Krakus was considered the best by consumers as it comes to its freshness, taste and quality of raw material used to make the sausage. What is more, the consumers presented their opinion based on the lack of chemical flavour enhancers on one hand and on the variety of products on the other which, again, are strong points for Krakus.

Krakus sausages were first when it came to value for money aspect. Sausages from Sokołów won the second place and Morliny sausages came third. They are valued quite high for the taste and moderate price as well as the quality of products vs their price.

The Polish Institute of Quality Research is an independent research institute, which specialises in consumer research and is not an entity contracted by any services providers or sellers.