Environment Protection

With respect to nature

Environmental Policy of Animex Foods


This policy is binding to all plants within Animex Foods and its objective is to master processing operations i.e. meat production, processing, feather processing, poultry farming and hatching, all that and a constant improvement of environmental aspects.

We strive at diminishing the impact of our industrial operations, which to lesser of greater extend, affect natural environment. We consider this a key element of our operational strategy and development of our plants. We protect the environment and our actions observe the sustainability principles.

Reduction of the negative impact to a minimum, meeting legal and corporative requirements and constant mastering of environmental management system is the validation of our responsibility.


We deliver that by:

  • optimisation of the volume of waste generated by our processing operations and improvement of waste management,
  • reduction of usage of natural resources per production unit,
  • supervision over waste-water generation and pre-treatment processes,
  • diminishing the possibility of cooling installations malfunction in our processing plants; these can lead to an uncontrolled pollution emission,
  • supervision over compatibility of environment management systems of Animex and external service providers i.e. any discrepancies may affect environment,


All employees of Animex Foods Sp.  actively support and participate in the Environmental Policy enforcement process, thus their conduct ensures this policy is delivered.


Facts and some of our actions:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System implemented in all plant since 2012
  • WWMD – World Water Monitoring Day, held annually in all plants since 2005
  • Clean-Up – held annually in all plants since 2010.

We are in many competitions presenting innovative projects e.g. reducing negative impact of processing operations on natural environment, reducing pollution emission, reducing usage of water, energy, resources and fuel and optimising waste management.
Many recognize our actions. See more


Our goal is to reduce, per production volume, water and power usage, limit greenhouse gases emission and landfill waste volume. Our objectives:

  • by 2020 vs. 2014, 10% water usage reduction,
  • by 2020 vs. 2014, 5% power usage reduction,
  • by 2020 vs. 2014, 5% greenhouse gases usage reduction,
  • by 2020 vs. 2014, 10% landfill waste reduction.