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At all of our sites we do our utmost to support local charities since we feel part of the community. 

Since 2007, a significant part of our efforts has been the Smithfield Polska Foundation’s support of scholarships for students in each of the locations where we do business. Each of our divisions strives to “think globally, act locally.” Although we are an international company exporting our products to more than 40 countries worldwide, we do not lose our focus on our local communities.


The Foundation was established on September 20, 2007, to commemorate the tragic death of longtime distinguished employee Zygmunt Piwoński. Piwoński was a strong advocate of support for those in need, especially talented youths. For that reason the key goal of the Foundation is support for the education of the children and youth of our employees, and those of our cooperating farmers and suppliers, in areas where Smithfield Polska Group facilities are located.

The scholarships of 200PLN/month for secondary school students and 300PLN for university students are granted for each school year.

Applications are encouraged from the children of our employees, suppliers and contractors.

In 2017 the Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary. During 10 years of its activity Foundation granted total of 2,086 scholarship valuated at 4,704,300.00 PLN. For 2017/2018 schoolyear has been granted 438 scholarships valuated at 1,016,700.00 PLN, what is a new record in the history of the foundation’s activity.

Contact: Fundacja.Smithfield@animex.pl

Foundation Bank Account: 92 1050 1432 1000 0023 2534 8379