On November 12 and 13, 2018, Paweł Tynor, the Managing Director of Animex Foods Division of Down and Feather Production in Cracow, was one of the speakers at the industry seminar – ”Poland – the European Poultry Powerhouse. Quality, Safety, Trade Opportunities”.

This was in Osaka and luckily coincided with the celebration of 100 years of Poland’s Independence on the board of ”Dar Młodzieży” mooring at the harbour.
The lectures and other events, all were to promote Polish poultry, feather and down producers.

Animex sets cooperation standards with Japan
The Cracow Division of Animex Foods sets new templates of cooperation with the Japanese market hence the high turnout at the lecture on Polish down. While talking about our products and cooperation with international industry we took this great opportunity to promote our high quality poultry, feather and down in Japan.

The last part of the speech focused on the importance of product origin monitoring and the significance of animal welfare, which as the speaker stressed are the key principles of Animex’s business operations.

After all was said and done from scientific perspective, we held a promotional banquet of Polish Poultry Industry and Polish Ecology on the board of ”Dar Młodzieży”. Naturally, we decorated the ship’s board with eye-catching ornaments made of goose down and the guests loved it.
About the cruise:
The Gdynia Maritime University and the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation organised the Independence Sail to celebrate 100 years of Independence of Poland and to promote our country worldwide.