Basic Data

Animex Foods in facts and numbers

Animex Foods annual revenue exceeds 1,7 billion USD, with 25 – 30% coming from exports.

We have 11 meat plants located in: Szczecin, Iława, Morlinów, Ełk, Suwałki, Starachowice, Opole, Kutno (Plants K1, K2, K4, Animex Foods Oddział w Daszynie) and a feather plant in Kraków.
We employ 9593 employees, which makes us the largest employer in the meat and food industry in Poland.

We are the biggest exporter of meat from Polish farms, delivering our products to over 40 countries worldwide.

Our production processes and management systems conform to the following standards:

  • Food safety and quality: HACCP, IFS, BRC,
  • Employees safety: EIPMS – Smithfield Foods Project based on OHSM 18001, PN 18001 System Zarządzania BHP [OSHA Management System]
  • Environmental safety: ISO 14001
  • Certificates from and export approvals to over 40 countries including the U.S.A., China, Japan, Korea and Russia.