A sixty-year tradition of excellence as the leader in the Polish meat business

Animex Foods is Poland’s biggest meat producer of pork, poultry and processed meat products.

We are also the largest meat exporter in Poland, and with eleven plants, and a feather plant, are the largest employer in the meat industry. In May 2019, the purchase of 100% shares in Pini Polonia in Kutno (now Animex K4 sp. o.o.) was finalized by Smithfield Foods INC, the owner of Animex Foods. Animex K4 sp. z o.o is one of the largest and most modern plants in Poland in the field of slaughtering pigs and cutting pork. Since 1999 Animex Foods has been part of the international food-industry giant Smithfield Foods, Inc., whose well-known brands include Smithfield, Farmland, Armour, John Morrell and Gwaltney. This relationship has provided our local plants new knowledge, experience and information on the worldwide meat business. Thanks to our position as part of this global company we have been able to take advantage of innovations in business and technology, and make new investments in our plant’s equipment as we develop new brands and improve existing  ones. In September 2013 Smithfield Foods and Animex Foods became part of WH Group— the world’s largest pork producer.

Our operating policies encompass all aspects of our business, ensuring a safe, superior product produced from the highest quality sources. Hogs come principally from our sister company, Agri Plus, the largest pig producer in Poland. We purchase over half of our annual production from Agri Plus, with the remainder of our needs coming from hundreds of selected Polish producers with whom we have  mutually beneficial agreements.

Animex Foods has a well-established program of sustainable development focused on the most critical areas of our operations: preservation of the environment, quality and safety of the food we produce, wellbeing of our animals, safety of our workers, support for the communities in which we do business, and creation of added value for the company and local communities.

Animex Foods has signed a cooperative program with Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The agreement opens up the opportunity for both parties to develop extensive cooperation in  research and an exchange of information, experience and expert opinions on food with a particular emphasis on animal products, i.e., meat and processed meat. It  provides their students with the opportunity to secure a job placement or professional training, and to gain practical knowledge supported with extensive, hands-on experience.