Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your job offers?
Updated job offers are available on this website in Job Offers (See more) and also in
Are there any schools which you give preference in the recruitment process?
Although we do not give preference to any specific school, due to our business profile we often hire students and graduates from agricultural schools.
Can I send my CV if I have not had courses in food production?
Yes, since food production education is not required for every position.
Should I send a few separate applications in case I want to apply to different divisions?
It is better to sent applications directly to the division where you wish to work.
What is the recruitment process?
More information is avaiable at recruitment process.
No one has contacted me since I submitted my application. How long should I wait for a decision?
We contact those whom we invite for job interviews. The minimum response time is two weeks.
Are apprenticeships at Animex Foods paid positions? What are the conditions I need to meet to apply for them?
The apprenticeship programs Animex Foods offers are paid. Applicants should be in their 5th year of university or have graduated not longer than two years ago. The apprenticeship programs are tailored to the specific needs of a given business area and thus may have specific requirements. Hiring takes place at least once a year.
If I want to apply for an apprenticeship in one of your divisions, where should I go?
Every job offer has an email address to which applications should be sent.
Can I apply for a job if I am still a student?
Yes, we also have job offer for students.
What English language level is required?
The level of English proficiency necessary is specified in every job offering for which English is required. For most of these positions good or very good spoken and written English is a requirement.