Human Resource Policy

Every company’s success depends in large part on its employees’ skills. Animex Foods wants to acquire, keep and develop people who, apart from their professional skills, show the following characteristics:

  • Teamwork
  • Client-oriented
  • Result-oriented
  • Business awareness
  • Communication ability
  • Professional knowledge

We want to grow the skills of all our employees and motivate them to reach their full potential. The goal of our HR policy is to have trained and competent personnel, working cooperatively to move the company forward. Our HR policies conform to all legal regulations and ethical standards.

Animex’ Foods long-term goal is to develop and retain an active, dedicated workforce. We are strongly focused on efforts to help our individual employees improve their professional skills.

Our Human Resource Policy:

  • We employ people for the long term and treat them as a strategic resource worth investing in.

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  • We appreciate the variety, different view, work style, skill and experience each employee brings since we believe it provides us with a competitive advantage, improves quality and ensures better business results.
  • We invest in our employees by providing comfortable working conditions, a friendly and open working atmosphere, and the ability to acquire new or improve existing skills. We believe that professional development is the key to success—both personal and professional.

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  • We are strongly employee-oriented and our objective is to have them focused on individual improvement, leading to better developed personal and professional skills.
  • The essence of our business philosophy is to manage though goals, so we strive to communicate them clearly. Our employees are made aware of what is expected of them and they receive regular feedback on their performance.
  • We offer competitive salaries with increases based on each individual’s performance, skills and experience, and the company’s overall profitability. We review compensation levels on a regular basis.

In addition we have an attractive employee benefit program offering a wide range of benefits, which are periodically reviewed and updated. At present this includes a wide group of social fund benefits, and sport and recreation financial support, among many others.