Candidates' Help

To prepare for job interviews

We understand that a job interview can be stressful. To help you through the process we suggest you consider the following guidelines:

  • Always carefully read the job offer you are considering applying for. Your success depends on how well you fit the requirements of the position.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company you are applying to. Learn about its operations and products. Prepare for the interview by reviewing dates of your previous employment and details of tasks you were responsible for. Be ready to answer questions on your experience.
  • Role play a job interview. Ask for comments and correct your faults.
  • Make sure you know who you are meeting, where and at what time.
  • Do not be late or too early; plan to arrive 5 – 10 minutes before the meeting,
  • If you are unable to be on time be sure to notify your interviewer.
  • Dress well, but comfortably.
  • Smile to help bring down your stress level.
  • Remember to be truthful and avoid exaggeration.