Thin Sausages

Our traditional thin sausages are widely appreciated by our customers. They are perfect eaten separately  as snacks or as additions to a sandwich. Fried or roasted, they are an excellent start to preparing lunch or dinner. And in the summer they’re an integral part of barbecues with family and friends.

Morliny is the leader in this category and as the leader seeks to  surprise and interest consumers by thinking outside the box, providing sausages lines with innovative names and interesting and intriguing tastes. Morliny also offers consumers the  more traditional tastes of morlińska, śląska, podwawelska and wyborcza sausage.

Fans of traditional Polish cuisine will appreciate the taste of classic podwawelska sausage offered by Krakus and our white sausage spiced with aromatic garlic and marjoram.

The range of sausage offerings includes śląska, podwawelska and biesiadna sausages sold under the Yano brand and, in the Mazury Lake District, local favorite  Madera and ham sausages sold under the Mazury brand.