In November 2018, Polish Himalayas climbers Piotr Snopczyński and Rafał Fronia met with us in the Cracow Division of Animex Foods.

Piotr Snopczyński is Polish Himalaya climber, a lifeguard of GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue), instructor, manager of the camp on the National K2 Winter Expedition 2017/2018. Rafał Fronia took part in many expeditions including the National K2 Winter Expedition, winter expedition to Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat, Dhaulagiri, Pik Lenina, Baruntse, Gasherbruma II. And on top of that he is a cartographer and a writer.

Animex supports K2 winter expedition

In 2017, Animex Foods Division in Cracow started cooperation with Polski Związek Alpinizmu [the Polish Alpine Association]. We became part of the technical support of Polish Himalayas climbers. Our facility gave 50kg of high quality goose feather to use as fillers of winter jackets and sleeping bags.
The Polish Himalayas climbers aimed at reaching the summit of K2 (8.611m) for the very first time. The climbers managed to handle numerous hurdles but they did not succeed in reaching the top. They plan, however, a second K2 expedition and both  Rafał Fronia and Piotr Snopczyński will take part in it.

Polish Himalayas climbers about Animex’s down

At the meeting with Animex Foods, the climbers shared their memories of the K2 expedition and talked about their opinion on Animex’s down. They said that sleeping bags and clothing were marvellously good. Piotr Snopczyński said that none of the sleeping bags he had been using before had such an amazing insulating capacity. The extreme conditions and heights require the top quality products and Animex down fully met all those requirements. Rafał Fronia said that those products make using of sleeping bags and jackets very comfortable and were an excellent protection against extreme cold. Both climbers say that our down in a real miracle.

We work with the best

The Polish Himalayas climbers said they want to cooperate with Animex further and  what is more, they stressed that they would need the top quality food products on the next K2 expedition.
They claim that freeze-dried food does not work on high altitudes. They say, the best is the food that can be quickly prepared or reheated and which is similar to the food we usually eat, while working in extreme conditions. Apparently, our products are perfect for the job.
The meeting was an exceptional chance to find out more about Himalayas climbing and to listen to interesting and unpublished stories of the expeditions.
We proudly presented  our down facility in Dobczyce to the climbers, where they could have a close contact with the process of making the down used at K2 expeditions.

The satisfaction Polish Himalayas climbers expressed after using Animex products can only prove that we are the best in making the highest quality down in Animex Foods Division in Cracow.
We work with the best and the best want us!