”The World Water Monitoring Day/WWMD/” – an event with a goal. WWMD shows youngsters the importance of ecology and care about natural environment. And we are proud to say, that it has 14 years of history in the plants of Animex.

On September 28, Animex together with District Mayor’s Office held the first WWMD in Kutno. Students of the School Complex of Wł. Grabarski in Kutno were the first to enjoy the experience.

Students collected and tested samples of water from Ochnia river. It turned out that the participating youth was really educated on the subject and very engaged in the testing tasks. After the tests, we had a BBQ with our sausages served from the Animex Food Truck. Traditionally, participants took an environment quiz. The winners of the WWMD game received gadgets with Animex logo.


And as always, this event, has been an amazing opportunity to find out more about environment protection and to have great fun.